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January 10th, 2024

Happy New Year everyone!!
We´ve been too silent for too long and this is about to change!

We wish to share some great news with you and proudly say, that the mix and mastering of the album has been successfully completed and we will soon reveal a full update on the band´s current standing!

We´ve all been very busy during the past year recording the album, Joe had recorded his guitars back home in Boston and in spring 2023 Jo flew over to Mark´s Studio “The Drum Dungeon“, where they worked closely on writing lyrics and recording vocals and drums. Mistheria recorded his Synths and Organs in Croatia and in Rome at his Studio and Nic his Bass in Switzerland. Our drummer Mark Cross took the production under his wings and has been working non stop ever since. In August he took the production for mixing to the Studio Aspiotis in Athens, Greece under the supervision of engineer George Aspiotis where they mixed the album. 

This week the mastering was completed in the UK by master chief Ade Emsley at “Table Of Tone Mastering” and everyone´s very excited and happy with the results. 
Mark stated: “The album sounds killer, not plastic but analog, just like a good rock album should. George and I clicked and he understood what we wanted and Ade´s the best man for mastering around and gave the final touch  
Of course it´s all budget related to run analog, but that´s what we wanted, it´s all or nothing you know!
Ah yes, when you have the album in your hands, don´t be afraid to turn it up real loud and scare your neighbours. Tell them there´s a new band in town! :)” 

Soon we´ll reveal the title and cover, please be patient a little while longer and stay tuned.

Long live the Tower …. see you all in 2024!
Joe, Mark, Jo, Mistheria and Nic
December 25th, 2023
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